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The Waterboys – Kiss the wind (2008)

The Waterboys – Kiss the wind (2008)

Time to fess up. Yes, I was into this lot, way back into the day. I mean, really into them!

I even saw the then unknown Sinead O’ Connor come onstage to impressively belt out a couple of songs with the Waterboys in this small club in Camden Street which was torn down years ago and the name of which I’ve long forgotten!

Man, I feel old! But you’re only as young as the chick you’re feeling. So that makes me eighteen!

This was before the raggle-taggle stuff in Connemara got out of hand and I had to leave the Mike Scott ship, without ever returning!

Of course, too, my musical taste had not then reached the rarified level where it now exists! Hahaha!

Kiss The Wind is a special collection of rare and previously unreleased music, compiled and edited by Mike Scott from material in the Waterboys sound archives.

Its 16 songs were recorded between 1991 and 2006 in Dublin, New York, London and beyond, and include several legendary or rumoured items, rare live beauties and a generous number of terrific never before heard songs inexplicably left off the band’s official albums.

Kiss The Wind will not be made available in physical CD format and cannot be purchased from any other online or high street retailer aside from townsend-records-co-uk.

It’s a “Download-only album”. So go ahead. Download!


1. Kiss The Wind 02:23
2. On My Way To The Big Light 05:42
3. Follow The Fellow Who Fiddles 01:52
4. Your Baby Ain’t A Baby Anymore 04:20
5. Wintermind 03:09
6. Let It Happen (1999) 07:08
7. I’ve Been In The Storm For You 02:28
8. Anatomy Of A Love Affair 01:16
9. Independence Day 05:44
10. John Coogan Is Going 02:39
11. Wild Horses (live) 05:38
12. Big Day Boogie – Always – Broken Ring 02:49
13. Martin Decent 02:07
14. Send Him Down To Waco 06:46
15. The Stolen Child (live) 06:40
16. This Old Boat

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