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The Go-Betweens – Head Full of Steam

The Go-Betweens – Head Full Of Steam
1986, Beggars Banquet
mp3/ RS

She locked the door and the key, opened the windows for the neighbours to see her climb on my knee

Another sublime Robert Forster moment from the Go-Betweens’ seminal LP Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express.

Typically wonderful Forster poetry here splattered with hilarious abstract non-sequiters – the likes of “Her father works, her mother works in exports but that’s of no importance at all !

Surely the antithesis of your cliched love/ lust song!

Liberty Belle, the fourth album by the Go-Betweens, was released in 1986 in the UK on Beggars Banquet Records.

The album was recorded at Berry Street Studios in London and consisted of ten wonderful songs, the best of which being another Forster classic “Spring Rain”.

The album was produced by the Go-Betweens and Richard Preston, with the GB’s then being;

Robert Forster: Guitar & Vocals
Grant McLennan: Guitar & Vocals
Robert Vickers: Bass
Lindy Morrison: Drums

Tracey Thorn (Everything But the Girl) provides the backing vocals on this track.

Can I come to your place and can I wash your hair?

We were delighted to find the vid posted on Youtube as, amazingly, we’d never ever seen it!

Then later we were almost sad we found it! Almost!

Now we know why we’d never seen this before. Or nobody had!

Robert’s at his most, let’s say, outré here! No, we don’t mean he looks like he’s just back from the gay Mardi Gras! Well, not necessarily!

We won’t speak of the Grant wig and outfit either!

We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that copious drugs were being taken during the concept phase and also before and during the shoot, and that the plan was to take the piss out of all those OTT New Romantic bands popular at the time.

art by homigl14

Head Full of Steam – Robert Forster

I’d never met her type she ignored me and that’s alright
Never to be friends or my body lie on her floor
Her father works
Her mother works in exports
But that’s of no importance at all
I don’t mind
I don’t mind

To chase her
A fools dream
I’m 104 degrees
With a Head Full of Steam
All waiting’s up
I’m on that team
That says go forward
With a Head Full of Steam

She plays hard to get along with
But she might drop by
She never had a nickname
But then nor have I
I don’t mind
I don’t mind
To chase her
A fools dream
I’m 104 degrees
With a Head Full of Steam

All waiting’s up
I’m on that team
That says go forward
With a Head Full of Steam

Steam may rise
may deck
Can I come to your place
and can I wash your hair?

I’d never met her type
She locked the door and the key
Opened the windows for the neighbours to see
Her climb on my knee
To chase her
A fools dream
I’m 104 degrees
With a Head Full of Steam

All waitings up
I’m on that team
That says go forward
With a Head Full of Steam
Go Forward
Go forward now
Go forward
Go forward now

thanks jteglund

The Go-Betweens – Head Full Of Steam
1986, Beggars Banquet

Side One:
Head Full Of Steam

Side Two:
Don’t Let Him Come Back (new version)
The Wrong Road (early version) 12″ only

Released as 7″ and 12″ vinyl single in May 1986:

UK 7″: Beggars Banquet BEG 159
UK 12″: Beggars Banquet BEG 159 T

Here she be

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Everything But The Girl – Complete Discography and More…

The complete Discography of EBTG – aka Tracey Anne Thorn and hubby Ben Watt … including both of Tracey’s solo albums.

Thorn met Watt at the University of Hull in the early eighties where they were both students, and both signed as solo artists to Cherry Red Records.

Their first album together was Eden, released in 1984.

As a band, Everything But The Girl released a body of work that spanned two decades.

Their biggest chart success came in 1994, when DJ Todd Terry remixed a song from their Amplified Heart album. “Missing” became a huge hit all over the world, especially in the U.S., where it reached number two in the Billboard Hot 100.

Everything But The Girl has been on extended hiatus since 2002. Ben Watt has concentrated on DJ work, and Thorn has been raising their children and, most recently, writing and recording her solo album.

The name “Everything but the Girl” was the slogan of a furniture store called Turners on Beverley Road in Hull. Anyone driving from Paragon Station to the University of Hull would have driven past the store.

Very sadly, Turners has long since been demolished!!

Wonderful work by fratan! Thanks mate!



1984 – Eden
1985 – Love Not Money
1986 – Baby the Stars Shine Bright
1988 – Idlewild
1990 – The Language of Life
1991 – Worldwide
1992 – Acoustic
1993 – Home Movies
1994 – Amplified Heart
1996 – The Best of Everything but the Girl
1996 – Walking Wounded
1999 – Temperamental
2001 – Back to Mine – Everything But The Girl
2003 – Like the Deserts Miss the Rain
2006 – Adapt or Die Ten Years of Remixes


Tracey Thorn:
Distant Shore (1982)
Out of the Woods (2007)

Studio Albums:

Eden (1984)

1. Each And Every One
2. Bittersweet
3. Tender Blue
4. Another Bridge
5. The Spice Of Life
6. The Dustbowl
7. Crabwalk
8. Even So
9. Frost And Fire
10. Facination
11. I Must Confess
12. Soft Touch


Love Not Money (1985)

1. When All’s Well
2. Heaven Help Me
3. Are You Trying To Be Funny?
4. Ugly Little Dreams
5. Shoot Me Down
6. Sean
7. Ballad Of The Times
8. Kid
9. Anytown
10. This Love (Not For Sale)
11. Trouble and Strife
12. Angel


Baby the Stars Shine Bright (1986)

1. Come On Home
2. Don’t Leave Me Behind
3. A Country Mile
4. Cross My Heart
5. Don’t Let The Teardrops Rust Your Shining Heart
6. Careless
7. Sugar Finney
8. Come Hell Or High Water
9. Fighting Talk
10. Little Hitler


Idlewild (1988)

1. I Don’t Want To Talk About It
2. Love Is Here Where I Live
3. These Early Days
4. I Always Was Your Girl
5. Oxford Street
6. The Night I Heard Caruso Sing
7. Goodbye Sunday
8. Shadow On A Harvest Moon
9. Blue Moon Rose
10. Tears All Over Town
11. Lonesome For A Place I Know
12. Apron Strings


The Language of Life (1990)

1. Driving
2. Get Back Together
3. Meet Me In The Morning
4. Me and Bobby D
5. Language Of Life
6. Take Me
7. Imagining America
8. Letting Love Go
9. My Baby Don’t Love Me
10. The Road


Worldwide (1991)

1. Old Friends
2. Understanding
3. You Lift Me Up
4. Talk To Me Like The Sea
5. British Summertime
6. Twin Cities
7. Frozen River
8. One Place
9. Politics Aside
10. Boxing and Pop Music
11. Feel Alright


Acoustic (1992)

1. Love Is Strange
2. Tougher Than The Rest
3. Time After Time
4. Alison
5. Downtown Train
6. Driving
7. One Place
8. Apron Strings (Live)
9. Me And Bobby D
10. Come On Home
11. Fascination (Live)


Amplified Heart (1994)

1. Rollercoaster
2. Troubled Mind
3. I Don’t Understand Anything
4. Walking To You
5. Get Me
6. Missing
7. Two Star
8. We Walk The Same Line
9. 25th December
10. Disenchanted


Walking Wounded (1996)

1. Before Today
2. Wrong
3. Single
4. The Heart Remains a Child
5. Walking Wounded
6. Flipside
7. Big Deal
8. Mirrorball
9. Good Cop Bad Cop
10. Wrong (Todd Terry Remix)
11. Walking Wounded (Omni Trio Mix)


Temperamental (1999)

1. Five Fathoms
2. Low Tide Of The Night
3. Blame
4. Hatfield 1980
5. Temperamental
6. Compression
7. Downhill Racer
8. Lullaby Of Clubland
9. No Difference
10. The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold)



Home Movies: The Best of Everything but the Girl (2003)

1. Each And Every One
2. Another Bridge
3. Fascination
4. Native Land
5. Come On Home
6. Cross My Heart
7. Apron Strings
8. I Don’t Want To Talk About It
9. The Night I Heard Caruso Sing
10. Driving
11. Imagining America
12. Understanding
13. Twin Cities
14. Love Is Strange
15. I Didn’t Know I Was Looking
16. The Only Living Boy In New York City


The Best Of Everything But The Girl (1996)

1. Missing-(Todd Terry Remix)
2. Driving-(Todd Terry Remix)
3. Old Friends
4. One Place
5. I Don’t Want To Talk About It
6. Love Is Strange
7. The Only Living Boy In New York
8. Apron Strings
9. When All’s Well
10. Another Bridge
11. Each And Every One
12. Rollercoaster
13. Driving-(The Underdog Remix)
14. Better Things
15. Protection


Back to Mine (2001)

01 – Friends And Enemies – Dj Cam
02 – All Alone (No One To Be With) – Slick Rick
03 – Bayou – Deadly Avenger
04 – Stars All Seem To Weep – Beth Orton
05 – Flow – Model 500 (G-Funk Mix)
06 – Cascades Of Colour – The Ananda Project Feat. Gaelle Adisson (Wamdue Black Mix)
07 – Do It Now – Dubtribe Sound System
08 – Wonderful Life – Carl Craig
09 – To Cry About – Mary Margaret O’Hara
10 – Silent Treatment – The Roots
11 – Funky For You (Spacehopper Mix) – Deadbeats
12 – Someday We’ll All Be Free – Donny Hathaway


Like the Deserts Miss the Rain (2003)

1. My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains
2. Rollercoaster
3. Corcovado
4. Each And Every One
5. Before Today (Chicane Remix)
6. Mine
7. Protection
8. Single (Photek Remix)
9. Tracey In My Room (Lazy Dog Bootleg Vocal Mix)
10. Missing (Todd Terry Remix)
11. Almost Blue
12. No Difference
13. Cross My Heart
14. Mirrorball
15. A Piece Of My Mind
16. Walking Wounded


Adapt or Die: Ten Years of Remixes (2006)

1. Mirrorball – DJ Jazzy Jeff Sole Full Remix
2. Before Today – Adam F Remix
3. Missing – CL McSpadden Unreleased Powerhouse Mix
4. Corcovado – Knee Deep Remix/Ben Watt Vocal Re-edit
5. Rollercoaster – King Britt Scuba Mix
6. Downhill Racer – Kenny Dope Remix
7. Single – Brad Wood Memphis Remix
8. Walking Wounded – Dave Wallace Remix
9. Five Fathoms – Kevin Yost Unreleased Groove Mix/Ben Watt edit
10. Lullaby of Clubland – Jay ‘Sinister’ Sealee Remix
11. Temperamental – Pull Timewarp Remix
12. Blame – Fabio Remix
13. Wrong – Todd Terry Unreleased Freeze Mix
14. Driving – Acoustic Mix


And a Plus…

The Solo albums of Tracey Thorn

A Distant Shore (1982)

01. Small Town Girl
02. Simply Couldn’t Care
03. Seascape
04. Femme Fatale
05. On My Mind
06. Night And Day
07. Dreamy
08. Plain Sailing
09. New Opened Eyes
10. Too Happy


Out of the Woods (2007)

1. Here It Comes Again
2. A-Z
3. It’s All True
4. Get Around to It
5. Hands Up to the Ceiling
6. Easy
7. Falling Off a Log
8. Nowhere Near
9. Grand Canyon
10. By Piccadilly Station I Sat Down and Wept
11. Raise the Roof


Big thanks to fratan

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