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Transvision Vamp – Velveteen

Velveteen cover

Transvision Vamp – Velveteen
Released 1989
Recorded 1989
Genre Pop/Rock
Length 53:10
Label Universal Records
Producer Wendy James, Nick Christian Sayer, Duncan Bridgeman
Some pretty good pop music here by UK’s Blondie wannabe Wendy James and her band the Vamps!.

Velveteen was the second album from UK pop/rock band Transvision Vamp and was released back in 89, a year after their debut album Pop Art. Vamp’s first single release entitled “Revolution Baby” (1987) peaked at number 77 on the UK Singles Chart, but their third single “I Want Your Love” was a Top Ten hit in the UK Singles Chart in 1988.

Transvision Vamp released three albums in total before disbanding.

Velveteen produced such hits as ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ which reached number 3 in the UK and Australia. Velveteen went on to peak at #1 on the UK album charts in 1989 and over in Australia, Velveteen became the 39th highest selling album of the year (Pop Art was #25).

Wendy James would later go on to record a rather good album of songs written especially for her by Elvis CostelloNow Ain’t The Time For Your Tears (1993) …which we’ve posted Here!

Wendy’s currently the singer in the band Racine.


1. “Baby I Don’t Care”
2. “The Only One”
3. “Landslide Of Love”
4. “Falling For A Goldmine”
5. “Down On You”
6. “Song To The Stars”
7. “Kiss Their Sons”
8. “Born To Be Sold”
9. “Pay The Ghosts”
10. “Bad Valentine”
11. “Velveteen”

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