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Spin ; Hung Tung-Lu & Li Hui

Li Hui, F1, 370×120×40cm, Acrylics , LED lamp ,Stainless steel, 2007

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he theme of the exhibition is “spin”, which originates from the creative metaphor of the artist and the form of the artistic expression. In Chinese, spin actually means gyrate or convolution, which is usually adopted to describe the rotation of the top and called as helix.

Milan Kundera mentioned the same idea in his work The Unbearable Lightness of Being and quoted the concept of “eternal return” proposed by Nietzsche: There is nothing new under the sun. The history repeats itself continuously and forms the delicate helix. Such “return” reappears and repeats according to certain cycle.

The existence of human being is called as helix-type existence by Bachelard: The existence of human being is a kind of ever changing existence, which can hardly be described by any expression form. Controlled by the imagination, though one certain expression has appeared, another expression is still needed for the existence itself depends on the existence of another expression.

Li Hui, Buddhist altar NO.2, 240×130×80cm, Acrylics, LED lamp ,Stainless steel, 2007

Hung Tunglu has attempted to borrow the design of Buddhist Tang Ka with full understanding of the moving rules of celestial bodies, nature like the image of peg-top which represents everything on earth. Li Hui has adopted the method of patching up the partite objects and regressing to the original status of integration. Both of them have used the implication of helix as the creative theme, which is expressed with new media technology and material.

Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian media scholar had proposed the “rearview mirror” theory: Despite the advancing of the car, the rearview mirror always reflects the passing objects. In the same way, despite the continuous evolution of the science and technology, we always see the inverted image of the history in the new development. The most essential part of the civilization will be continuously fused into the new technology and belong to the intending advancement, actually which just stands on the existed base the same way as the mirror reflects the goodliness of the past.

Hung Tunglu, Spin, 10 mins, 3D animation, 2007

The exhibition will give full display to the artistic creation concept and artistic language of two artists—Hung Tunglu and Li Hui. Moreover, it’s highly hoped that viewers can experience and understand the eternal return of media evolution showed by two artists.

“Spin” is exhibiting at Tang galley in Beijing 798 art district till the end of this year.

Li Hui, Buddhist altar NO.2, 450×200×100cm, Laser, Smog, Metal, Fabric, 2007

Hung Tunglu, Disclosure, 140×180×20cm, 3D photo, 3D Grid, Light Box, 2007

Hung Tunglu, Spiritual, 220cm(diameter)×150cm(height), Acrylics, Motor, Stainless steel, Machine installation, LCD, 2007

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The art of Tung-Lu Hung

Some amazing art from Chinese artist Tung-Lu Hung.

This series contains wonderful melanges of manga and items of Christian iconography.

We love it!

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