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TV Smith – In The Arms Of The Enemy (2008)

TV Smith – In The Arms Of The Enemy (2008)
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Most people say TV is shit. And they’re right.

But not this TV!

Here’s a great outing from former Adverts front-man. As track one says, Get It Now!!

As legends of the original UK-77 punk generation go, few have had the authentic career longevity of TV Smith, even if they’ve kept a higher public profile by selling a sham of the rebellion they originally professed.

But the former frontman and songwriter of The Adverts has retained the true spirit of punk by the refusing to cling to the past, as can be heard on his latest solo album, In The Arms Of My Enemy.

Let’s get one thing out of the way, though – if you’re expecting the brash clangour of three-chord pub-rock punk, you’re going to leave disappointed. Musically, In The Arms Of My Enemy sounds as if it was recorded by some odd hybrid of an anaemic version of The Levellers and a blues-folk covers band – “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes”, this ain’t.

But the approachability of the music actually fits TV Smith’s material pretty well, reflecting the maturity of his outlook on the world.


01 – Get It Now.
02 – See Through.
03 – Together Alone.
04 – It’s Warming Up.
05 – Backstage Bob.
06 – I Wish I Could See Clearly.
07 – Weak Glue.
08 – In The Arms Of My Enemy.
09 – Open Up our Heart.
10 – Clone Town.
11 – My Trojan Horse.
12 – Bonus Track.

Here be TV

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