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Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist [OST] (09/2008)

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist
[OST] (09/2008)
We know fuck all about this movie.

Isn’t that the kid Michael Cera from “Arrested Development” and the annoying “Juno” and every other new fucking teen comedy?

The soundtrack does have a few good bands and tracks in it though!

Seems like the score was written by of Devo and OSTs fame!

We are surprised, but happy, to see Irish musician Paul Tiernan with a track here! Paul seems to have been on the music scene forever. Hopefully, this gets him a breakthrough into the commercial !

The soundtrack to the upcoming film, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, (in theatres everywhere on October 3rd)

The Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist soundtrack features music from mostly indie bands and artists. Participating musicians include Devendra Banhart, We Are Scientists, Band of Horses and Bishop Allen.

The movie is about the quest of two teenagers who want to attend a secret concert by their favorite band. They are total opposites of each other, but share a common interest in music.


* 1. Speed of Sound – Chris Bell
* 2. Lover – Devendra Banhart
* 3. Middle Management – Bishop Allen
* 4. Ottoman – Vampire Weekend
* 5. Riot Radio – The Dead 60s
* 6. Fever – Takka Takka
* 7. Xavia – The Submarines
* 8. After Hours – We Are Scientists
* 9. Our Swords – Band Of Horses
* 10. Silvery Sleds – Army Navy
* 11. Baby You’re My Light – Richard Hawley
* 12. Very Loud – Shout Out Louds
* 13. How To Say Goodbye – Paul Tiernan
* 14. Last Words – The Real Tuesday Weld
* 15. Nick & Norah’s Theme – Mark Mothersbaugh

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