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Step Right Up – The Songs of Tom Waits

Step Right Up – The Songs of Tom Waits
Mp3 @ 192

Don’t worry. This has nothing to do with that bloodbath inflicted on Waits’ material earlier this year by booby Scarlett O Hara .. sorry, Johannsson!

For a tribute album, this one’s pretty good. But it’s hard to fuck up such wonderful source material (unless you’re booby Scarlett O Hara !)

Some amazing acts in here too, the likes of Tindersticks, Violent Femmes, Pete Shelley, Wedding Present, Alex Chilton, et al!

I see Tom wrote a song for me … ‘Better Off Without a Wife’! You’re preaching to the choir, Tom! Preaching to the fucking choir!!

Let’s not be too hard (no pun!) on Scarlett. She can’t sing or act but she can bounce those boobilicious boobs just right!


1. Old Shoes – Drugstore
2. Mockin’ Bird – Tindersticks
3. Better Off Without A Wife – Pete Shelley
4. Red Shoes By The Drugstore – The Wedding Present
5. Step Right Up – Violent Femmes
6. Downtown – Alex Chilton
7. Big Joe And Phantom 309 – Archers Of Loaf
8. You Can’t Unring A Bell – These Immortal Souls
9. Pasties And A G-String – Jeffrey Lee Pierce
10. Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis – Magnapop
11. Ol’ 55 – Dave Alvin
12. Jersey Girl – Pale Saints
13. Martha – Tim Buckley
14. Ruby’s Arms – Frente!
15. I Hope They Don’t Fall In Love With You – 10,000 Maniacs

Here’s Tommy


Thanks ByeByeKeano
(Keano’s gone nowhere mate!)

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