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Bob Dylan & Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

What the f*ck is this supposed to be?

Pepsi’s contribution to the advertising orgy of Super Bowl XLIII was a commercial which juxtaposed a youthful Bob Dylan with and the wonderful “Forever Young”!

Are we led to believe that the awful – and dumbly named – is in the same ballpark (excuse the pun) artistically as Bob Dylan? Give us a f*cking break!

He’s written most of those awful Black Eyed Peas’ numbers, for God’s sake!

OK, Willy has had quite a year — he may not exactly have single-handedly gotten Barack Obama elected, but his “Yes We Can” video certainly didn’t hurt — culminating in a high-profile performance at the Neighborhood Ball on Inauguration Day.

Willy was even granted the honour of composing the Inauguration song. However, the song in question turned out to be an incredibly embarrasing crock!

So the modern-day Dylan? Really, Mr. Pepsi? Really?

As well as the relative absence of talent, has been instrumental in the continuing solo career of the vile Fergie, which is just short of promoting the Pussycat Dolls or Robbie Williams in terms of cultural crimes against humanity!!

The whole scenario just proves one thing. Senior Pepsi executives must be higher than Micheal Phelps at a frat party!

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