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Ukraine PM Yulia Tymoshenko topless photos

We’ve been seeing a lot lately of that very pretty Yulia Tymoshenko – current prime minister of the Ukraine – with that crazy Roosky gas crisis!

She has, let’s say, a very colourful background with allegations of fraud, corruption, black marketeering etc. etc!

After the demise of the Soviet Union, Tymoshenko suddenly somehow rose to great prominence, directing several energy-related companies and mysteriously acquiring a significant fortune between 1990 and 1998! During the extensive process of privatization in Ukraine, which mirrored that in Russia in terms of rank corruption and mismanagement, she became one of the wealthiest oligarchs in Ukraine.

Despite her enormous wealth, this wench garnered the nickname “Joan of Arc of the Revolution”, during the so-called “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine, some years back! She must have a great propaganda machine and an army of spin doctors!

With that very weird looking, traditional hairstyle, she seems to have stepped straight out of the 17th Century!

But she is hot!

The “Joan of Arc of the Revolution” has just turned 48! Hard to believe!

So we’ve dug out these rare finds … yes … topless photos of the lovely 17th Century hotty!


C’mon …. what the hell did you expect?! She is a Prime Minister for f*ck’s sake!!

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