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Yungchen Lhamo – Tibet, Tibet

Yungchen Lhamo - Tibet, Tibet

Yungchen Lhamo – Tibet, Tibet (1996)

Genre: World, Ethnic | MP3 | CBR 320 Kbps | 109 Mb
Label: Real World | October 29, 1996 | ASIN: B000000HPR | Language: Tibetan
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Here’s some beautiful Tibetan music.

Music of a suffering race. Most apposite in the context of the terrible colonialist brutality still being inflicted on that race by China, recently more explicitly since being caught on camera and beamed around the world.

Aching, spiritual, music of longing from the “Goddess of Song” Yungchen Lhamo.

We love this music!

Some background about Yungchen;

Yungchen Lhamo is a Tibetan singer living in exile in New York City, whose international success as a Tibetan singer is unprecedented. Yungchen has toured the world, singing unaccompanied a combination of songs of her own composition and traditional Buddhist chants and mantras. She has performed with an array of famous artists such as Annie Lennox, Billy Corgan, Peter Gabriel, Sheryl Crow, Natalie Merchant, etc. bringing her traditions to new audiences. She has also toured extensively as a part of the WOMAD World music festivals.

Yungchen’s name means “Goddess of Song”, a name given her by a Holy Man soon after she was born near Lhasa.

Yungchen left Tibet in 1989 at age 23, via the perilous navigation of the Himalayas in order to escape oppression from the Chinese regime governing Tibet.

Yungchen made a pilgrimage to Dharamsala, to receive the blessings of the Dalai Lama, where he lives in exile. She was inspired to reach out to the world through her music, to share her culture and educate people about Tibet.

She moved to Australia in 1993, then to New York City in 2000.

This was Yungchen’s first release on Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records label. Appropriately enough, it is called Tibet, Tibet.

Yungchen Lhamo - Tibet, TibetLyrically, the songs on this album emote with the fresh cadence and gripping honesty of spiritual offerings. For example, “Lama Dorje Chang” beseeches the Dalai Lama to bless the world with his enlightened mind. “Ari-lo,” a song Yungchen learned from her grandmother as a little girl, tells of entering an ominous foreign land, and gradually with courage learning to make a home there.

The final track describes the strife besetting Tibet, the bravery of its people and the confidence that the Dalai Lama will one day preside over his people on Tibetan land again. The song features a full orchestra, courtesy of digital composition software. “You can’t see the people,” giggles Yungchen. “It’s an invisible orchestra. They fell from the sky.”

The New York Daily News wrote of the album: “Once you’ve heard her stunning record, Tibet, Tibet, on Peter Gabriel’s Real World label, or seen her in concert, the power that her voice and melodies have to still an agitated mind becomes obvious.”

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“I’ve owned Tibet, Tibet by Yungchen Lhamo for 3 years. It’s very beautiful music. Too intense for playing as background for home socializing, though. Best in private listening. Her voice has a magnificent range, full articulation. It’s deeply sad at times. There’s a certain heart-wrenching quality in Tibetan refugee women’s household singing, the normal daily singing a woman might do when fetching water or stirring the hearth… That quality once flowed mainly from broken-hearted lovers but now it flows from all who have lost their connection to their land. Yungchen Lhamo has that quality in powerful measure. Her name means “great symbol of the protector goddess”. Powerful name, powerful voice.”

Customer Review on

Yungchen Lhamo

“Lyrically, the songs on the album are offerings. «Par Panee Dawa Shar» likens moonrise to her Lama’s face, hoping that – by offering song and dance to him – he will shower down his blessings. «Lama Dorje Chang» asks the Dalai Lama to bless us with his enlightened mind. «Om Mani Padme Hung» is the Tibetan mantra, and «Ari-Lo» tells of entering a new land.

At first, sings Yungchen Lhamo, the land may seem hostile, like a fearful stranger, but knowledge can lead to it becoming as close as a lover.

The final track – telling of the strife besetting Tibet, the bravery of its people and the confidence that the Dalai Lama will one day preside again – utilizes a full orchestra, courtesy of technological software. «You can’t see the people, it’s an invisible orchestra», giggles Yungchen Lhamo. «They fell from the sky».”


01. Om Mani Padme Hung
02. Lama Dorje Chang
03. Ari-Lo
04. Refuge Prayer
05. Par Panee Dawa Shar
06. Lhaso Pumo
07. Dorje-Den
08. Dradul Nyenkyon
09. Om Mani Padme Hung II
10. Gi Pai Pa Yul Chola


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