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Ahead Radio by zerocomplex

Ahead Radio
8 x 12 in lith print in cyan – 2005

Athmospheric and beautiful shot by zerocomplex

A normally prosaic object/scene is magically transformed.

Artist’s Comments:

Fascinated with boring shit like E towers. Made this, while stopping to receive a call on a very early morning on my way to NYC. Was misty and snowy.

To make a good lith print is not really working with the best chemistry or paper, they have dedicated papers and shit that sell pretty well, considering the “alternative” market, but I use ilford fiber for mine, and mix it with some cyan/selenium toners, the results are something I really covet.

I made this a panel for some dude, I remember I had to buy like…buckets of liquid to print it, and I ended up spending more than he bought it for, but when I saw it in his office, I really liked it, he did give me a nice bottle of Cognac for my little oops in pricing.

SEE … A backstory PLUS some tips on lith…. I’m not an asshole, right? :/

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